Thursday, September 19, 2013

Zwanzé Day 2013 - Hill Farmstead Brewery

Here's a quick picture dump and short captions of the Hill Farmstead Zwanzé Day event on September 14th. I was fortunate to get ahold of a ticket through some friends (thanks Ross, Robb and Mike!). It was a blast, and we drank a lot of great beer, and had some good times. There were only 125 people at the actual Zwanzé event, and it felt like even less...

Here are some shots of some of the beers we drank that day and evening.

Cantillon Saint Lamvinus - Winey and geuzy.
Some tart cranberry.

Cantillon Zwanze 2013 - Abbaye de Curieghem

Grassroots Convivial Suarez. One of my favs of the day.
It was brewed with hibiscus, but neither the color or
flavor was too prominent. More apricot and luscious
stonefruit. Dry in the back. Really drinkable.

Grassroots Brother Soigné. Had a similar stonefruit
flavor as the Convivial,  but also an alfalfa

Cantillon Kriek. Not as boldly tart as the Lou Pepé,
which I prefer. 

Hill Farmstead Citra Single Hop. After the Cantillon kicked,
they were nice enough to wheel out some of the
house beers...

Hill Farmstead Everett. Velvet dark fruit with a substantial
roasty bitterness, a pleasant touch of astringency from
dark malts. Soft and rich mouthfeel. A great
reconception of (American) Robust Porter.

Parker's Pie after party bottle share. Put some notches on the old mash paddle
this evening. Good times. 

Parker Pie Co.

Back at the pad...
I love Logsdon's Saisons Seizons.
Dry, complex and refreshing.

Get on the beer goggles for Anchorage Bitter Monk.
The first hoppy sour that I've had.
Wonderful and inspirational. The dregs
are in my cellar right now...

And we bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

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